King Arthur II & Prince Madoc's voyage to America in AD 562

Alan Wilson & James Michael current this lecture in a College of Kentucky – one among a number of that Alan lectured at in his lecture tour of 1992. James Michael sadly handed away in January 2008. Were it not for his devoted work little of this Arthur analysis can be identified in the USA as we speak.

This full documentary comprises not only a presentation lecture but in addition extra footage which has by no means been broadcast till now. You might be proven among the huge quantities of proof regarding the voyage of Arthur 2 and Prince Madoc crusing from Britain to America in the course of the sixth century – virtually a thousand years earlier than Columbus.

Also coated later in the documentary is James Michael explaining the traditional British Coelbren alphabet, and its connection to many inscriptions discovered in the America.

The institution crooks have written off this Coelbren alphabet because the creation of a Welsh-British Antiquarian known as Iolo Morganwg throughout the19th century, but the authors simply present in their books how this accusation is totally false and so they give many examples of its use and spot CENTURIES prior to the time of the alleged forgery.

The documentary just isn’t all the time good high quality in elements because it was solely transformed in 2008 utilizing previous VHS tapes initially recorded in 1992. Despite this it’s a good and informative documentary of how historical past — like most issues — has been manipulated and forgotten.

Alan Wilson is now 80 years previous and nonetheless going sturdy. He and his life-long fellow researcher Baram Blackett have written and revealed 9 books. They even have accessible a number of documentaries (previous and new) documenting their researches and what occurs if you uncover issues the institution would not need found.

Their books revealed to date (oldest first) are as follows:

1 – Arthur, King of Glamorgan and Gwent.
2 – Arthur and the Charter of Kings.
3 – Arthur the War King
4 – Artorius Rex Discovered
5 – The Holy Kingdom
6 – The King Arthur Conspiracy
7 – Moses in the Hieroglyphs
8 – The Discovery of the Ark of the Covenant
9 – The Trojan War of 650 BC

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