Alpha Anywhere Webcast 2016 Dec 21 – Data Element in Control Bar w/ Dion and Dave

Alpha Anywhere Webcast 2016 Dec 21 – Data in (*21*) Bar w/ Dion and Dave

(*21*) Bar Review (1:22)
Data Capability in the (*21*) Bar (1:49)
Adding a Data Item in the (*21*) Bar (7:05)
Add a Button to Update (*21*) Bar information (10:46)
Adding an Action to the Button (11:22)
Adding Javascript Expression to switch Variable Values (12:42)
Reviewing modifications in Working Preview (14:44)
View Javascript (15:13)
Adding a List (*21*) in a Panel Card with related Data in (*21*) Bar (16:17)
Reviewing New List (*21*) in Working Preview (19:45)
Adding onClick occasion to switch (*21*) Bar (21:11)
Reviewing current modifications in Working Preview (24:41)
Demo Recap (25:22)
Question: Can the (*21*) Bar have notification badge icons? (28:00)
Question: How do I dynamically outline the file to be opened in my app? (35:05)
Question: How can on-line/offline login work? (50:47)

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