Ep 156: Wine of Ancient Rome

First we hit on the Background on Roman Empire

The Roman Empire lasted from round 753 BC till 476 AD and encompassed most of Europe
The impression was far, vast, lengthy lasting – Romans began the trade throughout Europe AND they found winemaking practices which might be nonetheless round right now

Expansion of Wine

We talk about the Greeks and the way they obtained the ball rolling with viticulture in Italy
Then we go over the conquest of Europe by the Romans vis a vis wine – from the Punic Wars and Carthage on. Spain, Gaul (France), Germany, and Britain


Golden Age of Wine

We discuss in regards to the Golden Age of wine in Rome within the 2nd century BC
We talk about the medicinal, social, and non secular roles of wine — together with the way it was utilized by rich folks to point out their associates how wealthy they had been
The transformation of wine right into a every day necessity the place everybody from the wealthy to slaves drank it


Viticulture within the Roman period

The idea of terroir isn’t new – writers from Pliny to Columella mentioned the connection between the land and the winery – soil kind, slope, proximity to water had been all essential to viticulture
Winemaking wasn’t so totally different from how it’s right now – the significance of the way you press grapes, sur lie ageing, the method of making candy wine, and storage and ageing had been cited by writers
Romans differentiated between vineyards and had famed wines: we discuss Falernian, Alban, Caecuban and extra
We talk about the significance of place identify v grape kind and the way the custom continues

All in all, a dork-fest of an episode, however a really enjoyable one certainly!

In Vino Veritas!

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