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00:02:28 1 Etymology
00:08:25 2 Administration
00:08:54 3 Human exercise
00:11:32 4 Physical and pure points
00:16:37 4.1 Sea degree
00:17:46 4.2 Catchment space and discharge
00:19:17 4.2.1 The non-tidal part
00:22:30 4.2.2 The tidal part
00:25:38 4.3 Islands
00:27:48 4.4 Geological and topographic historical past
00:30:42 4.4.1 Ice age
00:34:08 4.4.2 Conversion of marshland
00:36:22 4.5 Wildlife
00:40:36 5 Human historical past
00:42:34 5.1 Roman Britain
00:44:48 5.2 Middle Ages
00:48:39 5.3 Early trendy interval
00:51:39 5.4 Victorian period
00:54:47 5.5 twentieth century
00:57:20 5.6 twenty first century
00:57:43 6 The lively river
00:59:19 6.1 Transport and tourism
00:59:29 6.1.1 The tidal river
01:00:07 6.1.2 The higher river
01:01:25 6.1.3 Aerial raise
01:01:47 6.2 Police and lifeboats
01:03:17 6.3 Navigation
01:07:32 6.3.1 History of the administration of the river
01:10:32 6.4 The river as a boundary
01:12:18 6.5 Crossings
01:17:05 7 Pollution
01:17:15 7.1 Treated sewage
01:19:09 7.2 Mercury ranges
01:20:57 7.3 Natural carbon compounds
01:21:53 8 Sport
01:22:16 8.1 Rowing
01:24:59 8.2 Sailing
01:25:36 8.3 Skiffing
01:26:04 8.4 Punting
01:26:32 8.5 Kayaking and canoeing
01:27:49 8.6 Swimming
01:29:50 8.7 Meanders
01:30:19 9 The Thames within the arts
01:30:32 9.1 Visual arts
01:31:28 9.2 Literature
01:41:05 9.3 Music
01:44:23 10 Major flood occasions
01:44:33 10.1 London flood of 1928
01:45:36 10.2 Thames Valley flood of 1947
01:46:55 10.3 Canvey Island flood of 1953
01:48:01 11 See additionally

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“I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think.”
– Socrates

The River Thames ( (pay attention) TEMZ) is a river that flows by way of southern England together with London. At 215 miles (346 km), it’s the longest river solely in England and the second longest within the United Kingdom, after the River Severn.
It flows by way of Oxford (the place it’s referred to as the Isis), Reading, Henley-on-Thames and Windsor. The decrease reaches of the river are referred to as the Tideway, derived from its lengthy tidal attain as much as Teddington Lock. It rises at Thames Head in Gloucestershire, and flows into the North Sea by way of the Thames Estuary. The Thames drains the entire of Greater London.Its tidal part, reaching as much as Teddington Lock, contains most of its London stretch and has an increase and fall of 23 ft (7 m). Running by way of a few of the driest elements of mainland Britain and closely abstracted for consuming water, the Thames’ discharge is low contemplating its size and breadth: the Severn has a discharge virtually twice as giant on common regardless of having a smaller drainage basin. In Scotland, the Tay achieves greater than double the Thames’ common discharge from a drainage basin that’s 60% smaller.
Along its course are 45 navigation locks with accompanying weirs. Its catchment space covers a big a part of south-eastern and a small a part of western England; the river is fed by at the least 50 named tributaries. The river comprises over 80 islands. With its waters various from freshwater to virtually seawater, the Thames helps a wide range of wildlife and has quite a few adjoining Sites of Special Scientific Interest, with the biggest being within the remaining elements of the North Kent Marshes and masking 5,449 hectares (13,460 acres).

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