Dr. Jason Fung: Fasting as a Therapeutic Option for Weight Loss

Dr. Jason Fung, MD, is a nephrologist and knowledgeable in the usage of intermittent fasting and low-carbohydrate diets for the therapy of Type 2 diabetes. In this presentation, delivered on Aug. 2, 2018, on the 2018 CrossFit Health Conference in Madison, Wisconsin, Fung shares his first-hand experiences with “The Mess” and discusses how he shifted his analysis and medical practices as a results of these experiences.

Fung’s targets for his presentation embody:
1. Understanding why long-term weight reduction is so troublesome.
2. Introducing the idea of therapeutic fasting.
3. Understanding some myths and misunderstandings related to the fasting course of.

He remembers treating overweight and diabetic sufferers with conventional strategies, which included what he characterizes as poor dietary suggestions and a slurry of medicine. He explains, “It became obvious that I’m just sort of holding their hand until they get their heart attack, until they get dialysis, until they go blind, until we chop their feet off.”

“It’s really sad to realize that the profession that you’ve chosen is not really helping people,” he says. This realization compelled him to diagnose the issues related to conventional care and search different therapy strategies for his sufferers.

Fung historicizes what he calls “the modern eating pattern,” which emerged in 1977 within the U.S. with the event of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. He notes the 1977 tips led to the consumption of extra grains and sugars, which in flip led to individuals “eating often, eating late, and eating all the time.”

Incidences of weight problems and Type 2 diabetes reached epidemic ranges, and the commonest therapies lengthy have been drug interventions. Unfortunately, the prevailing non-pharmaceutical prescription — to eat much less and transfer extra — has a 99.9% failure charge. Fung observes that widespread knowledge tells us responsible the affected person and assume she or he didn’t adhere to the prescription. He claims a fundamental understanding of metabolism suggests in any other case, nonetheless.

Fung explains why a important discount in caloric consumption results in a lower in basal metabolism. This organic inevitability is ignored by the proponents of the “calories in, calories out” fallacy, he observes.

He additionally explains why intermittent fasting is an efficient different to conventional therapies for weight problems and diabetes. The fashionable consuming sample retains our insulin ranges excessive on a regular basis as we eat over lengthy durations, and when insulin stays excessive on a regular basis, Fung explains, our our bodies retailer meals power as fats, and we stay hungry.

Intermittent fasting, alternatively, permits insulin ranges to drop, which places us in burning mode fairly than storing mode.
Fung claims his suggestions are so efficient that sufferers now not must say, “Oh wow, I have to go see my doctor to see what pill I need,” or, “I need to go see my doctor to see if he needs to stick a stent in me.” Instead, Fung explains, “We’re giving you the power to take back your own health, because you’re not gonna get it from anywhere else.”

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