Open Space 80: Will We Ever Get Close to the Speed of Light? And More…

In this week’s dwell Open Space, individuals needed to know if photo voltaic sails actually work, will we ever get shut to the velocity of gentle, what’s the finest method to get out of Venus’ gravity effectively, and extra?

01:46 Do photo voltaic sails actually work?
02:48 Will we ever get shut to the velocity of gentle?
06:22 Best method to get off Venus?
08:45 What about the commonplace candle?
11:45 Why is it so arduous to get to Mercury?
14:15 Could FTL escape a black gap?
15:10 How did the astronauts take care of regolith?
18:12 Could there be liquid water on Mercury?
19:41 What’s the finest place on Earth to look by a telescope?
21:01 Does the regolith get into spacesuits?
22:20 Could an Alcubiere Drive get out of a black gap?
23:15 Do I ever use the telescope behind me?
24:08 Why is the velocity of gentle so disproportionate to the dimension of the Universe?
26:07 Do I take advantage of the RASA?
27:03 How will I watch Crew Dragon?
28:00 Could we construct a particle accelerator on the Moon?
30:16 What if one other system collided with us?
32:32 Is it value launching seen gentle telescopes?
34:22 Would I dwell in orbit for a month?
36:20 Should we colonize Mars?
39:50 Where will we discover life in the Solar System?
41:00 Will larger rockets make less complicated large telescopes attainable?
45:49 Why is Andromeda heading in the direction of us?
46:19 Do I imagine in alternate universes?
47:26 Any good concepts for house particles?
50:31 Could a black gap eat a supernova?
53:14 What house downside retains me up at night time?
56:19 Is the Planck scale the decision of the Universe?

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