Is Septic safe Toilet paper safe for RV travel?

There have been many discussions on what rest room paper we should always use in our RV’s. Number 1… the RV trade tells us we should always solely use “specially designed” rest room paper in our black holding tank that’s often means overpriced… and Number 2 we hear that any paper labeled septic safe is OK for use. In this episode I plan to unravel this problem as soon as and for all. I plan to wipe all misconceptions. We are going to squeeze out the reality! (OK, i see what you are doing).
I might be evaluating 3 totally different TP manufacturers and one “flushable Wipe” within the (insert echoey voice right here) final problem and decide what ought to and shouldn’t go down the drain.
I’ve been questioned about why I simply used water and never use rest room chemical. The chemical is designed for oder management and to breakdown natural solids, human waste merchandise, excrement, …. You know… Poop. Also, identical to rest room paper, not all chemical substances are created equal. I felt if the product can dissolve in water it shouldn’t have any problem dissolving in no matter chemical you select to make use of.

The contestants:
Camco RV & Marine Toilet Paper
Septic Safe Angel Soft
Charmin Extra Strength Mega Roll (additionally labeled septic safe)
Cottonelle flushable Wipes (in all equity, not labeled septic safe)

May the video games start!

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Safe Travels!

Steve, Dawn, Atka and Sierra

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