Save $$$ Clean your camera sensor yourself and get rid of annoying dust spots!

In this video tutorial let us take a look at two strategies for Cleaning your DSLR camera sensor. I exhibit the strategy utilizing a DSLR with a CMOS sensor, however the identical strategy will apply to most digital cameras. Cleaning your personal sensor can save each time in retouching and $$$ paying to get your camera sensor cleaned professionally! Win – win! Below are hyperlinks to the gear that can get you up and working!

✅ Arctic Butterfly (For dry Cleaning):
✅ APS-C sensor Cleaning swabs:
✅ Full Frame sensor Cleaning swabs:
Cleaning fluid (isopropyl alcohol)
✅ Full body sensor Cleaning equipment:
✅ APS-C Cleaning equipment:

We take a look at a dry clear methodology utilizing a blower and a statically charged brush – the Arctic Butterfly (bizarre title I do know!). And then the most effective methodology for Cleaning your sensor fully and that is the “wet method”. Here we use a sensor Cleaning swab with a small quantity of isopropyl alcohol to softly wipe the sensor clear, leaving your images free from pesky dust spots.

If you’ve got already received sensor dust and your images are displaying up with dust/grime spots, normally see within the sky, then I share how one can extra simply see and repair them in each Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

Take care throughout this course of. I take no duty for the misuse of your camera. Please learn your personal instruction guide too. Having mentioned that, this Cleaning methodology is fairly straightforward and you’d should go a protracted option to mess it up!

Overview of the method for Cleaning:
Firstly put your camera into guide mode.
Put your camera right into a low iso 100 / 200 will do.
Use your lenses highest f-stop quantity, for me that is f22.
Focus on infinity.
Take a photograph of a clean floor whereas wiggling the camera about. (I exploit a wall however a pc monitor with a pure white display works properly too)
From right here consider the picture – I do that on the again of my camera as a result of I do not need the effort of downloading it to lightroom and so on.
Lock the mirror up
Dry clear the sensor with a comfortable static brush, or
Wet clear the sensor with a swap barely damp with rubbing alcohol
Enjoy your dust free photos!

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