[14] Crusader Kings III Roleplay – King Arthur's World Conquest and Finale Episode [House Pendragon]

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Arthur Pendragon, an upstart noble within the Welsh Kingdom of Gwynedd, has made claims to be the well-known King Arthur. Using the mod, The Once and Future King, we’ll restore the Britons and our rightful place within the isle.

Series Playlist:

Viking Rus (Rurikid) 867 Series:

Byzantine Empire (Phokas) 867 Series:

Surreal’s CK3 Mod Collection:

0:00 Recap
0:36 Iberian Conquest
1:18:47 Byzantine-Arthurian War
1:38:31 The Final Crusade for Jerusalem
1:58:48 The Fate of King Arthur

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[14] Crusader Kings III Roleplay – King Arthur’s World Conquest and Finale Episode [House Pendragon]


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