[14] Crusader Kings III Roleplay – Mongol Horde and Vlad's Wallachian Empire (FINALE) (Wallachia)

Vlad the Impaler, the Voivode of Wallachia is made on this video with the CK3 ruler designer! This video is made in collaboration with PDX, who’ve permitted me to file this footage early.
You can view the FREE replace patch notes for the ruler designer right here:
In this marketing campaign, I do use the vampirism and lycanthropy mods!

0:00 Recap
0:38 Mongol-Wallachian War
13:15 Holy Roman Empire’s Audacity
31:20 Second Mongol War
50:35 Third Mongol War
1:01:57 Fall of the Horde
1:23:19 The Wallachian Empire

Wallachia 1066 Series:

Byzantine Empire 867 Series:

Viking Rus (Rurikid) 867 Series:

Surreal’s CK3 Mod Collection:

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[14] Crusader Kings III Roleplay – Mongol Horde and Vlad’s Wallachian Empire (FINALE) (Wallachia)


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