Mermaid Growing Up / 10 LOL Surprise DIYs

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Rich Cat Noir and Broke Ladybug / 11 LOL Surprise DIYs:
Everyone is aware of the Mermaid as a good looking woman. But what was she like in childhood and previous age? Watch in our new video.

Supplies and instruments:
• scorching glue gun
• acrylic paint
• scissors
• ruler
• utility knife
• tweezers
• paint brushes
• sequin cloth
• satin ribbons
• stationery folder
• mild clay
• glitter
• glittery nail polish
• artificial stuffing
• jersey cloth
• satin cloth
• tulle
• pebbles on a silicone ribbon
• crown made out of stones
• foam paper with glitter
• toothpicks
• styrofoam
• half-beads
• printed pictures of a coloring book, cowl and label for a speaker
• pins
• beads
• modeling clay
• sequins
• net
• mild clay
• toothpicks
• markers
• glass ball
• modeling clay
• sauce container
• twine of various colours
• plastic balls
• thread and yarn
• beads

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