Jessy Leppert's Holiday Game Show Festival 2

Here are the listing of episodes in Jessy Leppert’s Holiday Game Show Festival 2

Family Feud (ABC) with Richard Dawson from 1979.
100kP (Syndication) with John Davidson from 1991.
WOF (NBC) with Rolf Benirschke from 1989. Rolf’s second episode and mentions Pat Sajak.
TNG (Syndication) with Bob Eubanks from 1987. Still with the primary set.
The Family Game (ABC) with Bob Barker from 1967. With Original Commercials
WOF (NBC) with Pat Sajak from 1988. Jack Clark’s demise introduced.
The Price Is Right (CBS) with Bob Barker from 1998. twenty sixth season finale.
Super J! (ABC) with Alex Trebek from 1990. Finals
WOF (NBC) with Bob Goen from 1991. Teen Week Finals.
Scrabble (NBC) with Chuck Woolery from 1990.
Super Password (NBC) with Bert Convy from 1989. Monday episode of the finale week.
Blankety Blanks (ABC) with Bill Cullen from 1975. Premiere episode.
TNG (Syndication) with Bob Eubanks from 1988. Cash format.

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